Caduceus Consulting - VB 127 Course Overview

VB127 - Visual Basic for the PICK/BASIC Programmer, plus VB/MultiValue Connectivity


This 3-day hands-on class is our most popular one for both public and on-site courses. It is an introductory course designed to get experienced Pick programmers up to productive speed in Visual Basic in record time.  It is also available in a 4 or 5-day format, with added tips and tricks, multi-form and library module programming, and sample conversions from YOUR in-house applications.


This course is for all levels of programmers who have less than one year’s experience with Visual Basic, or who wish to apply their knowledge in the MultiValue environment. Basic programming skills and minimal familiarity with the Windows desktop are assumed.

Day 1 Objectives

bulletKnow the conceptual differences between PICK/BASIC and Visual Basic programming.
bulletLearn the Visual Basic 6.0 development environment and language constructs.
bulletCreate a working Visual Basic application, including form layout, adding controls and attaching code.

What you will learn

bulletWhy choose Visual Basic over other languages
bulletDesign issues in the event-driven world of Windows.
bulletThe composition of a VB project in detail, from files down to properties, methods, and events.
bulletThe following controls: Label, Text box, Command button, Combo and List box, Check box and Form.
bulletThe 6 steps to Visual Basic application creation.
bulletSimple translations in language syntax from PICK/BASIC to Visual Basic.

Day 2 Objectives

bulletMake the best use of your existing knowledge of PICK/BASIC in the Visual Basic world.
bulletUnderstand the different types of Visual Basic procedures.
bulletWrite Visual Basic code using software that adds PICK/BASIC functionality to VB.

What you will learn

bulletVariables and data types, and variable scopes.
bulletImportant event sequence tips that the Visual Basic manuals don’t tell you.
bulletHow to dramatically increase your VB productivity, using third party language extensions.
bulletMore controls: Option (radio) buttons, Scroll bars, and Frames.
bulletHow to bypass pitfalls and traps particular to the Pick programmer.
bulletHow to polish your application interface - the step often overlooked.
bulletAdvanced features of Combo and List boxes.

Day 3 Objectives

bulletLearn various Visual Basic ‘tricks of the trade’.
bulletUnderstand the various methods of integrating your MultiValue database with the Windows desktop.
bulletWrite a Visual Basic application that reads and updates data on a remote MultiValue host.

What you will learn

bulletHow to capture key strokes to make your Windows application work more intuitively.
bulletIntegration strategies and client/server issues.
bullet6 methods for connecting your MultiValue database to VB, including DDE, ODBC and OLE automation.
bulletHow to seamlessly combine character-based and true graphical-based applications.
bulletHow to call PICK/BASIC subroutines, Executes, and SELECTs from Visual Basic.
bulletWhere to get more information, guidance, and free support.

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