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Experiential Training and Development is a key intallact specialty.  The intallact consultants are often called upon by leading training providers to custom design and deliver programs for corporate clients.  We have strong relationships with a number of Canada's industry leaders in this area.

We have extensive experience working with all levels of employees, ranging from front-line unionized staff of local enterprises through to senior executive management of global organizations.  We also created and continue to manage the Canadian Experiential Education Practitioners Symposium (CEEPS), the only annual EE conference in Canada, and a fast-growing professional development forum.

What is Experiential Training?

As experiential education facilitators, we work with teams of people to create their own learning.  The typical process is actually quite simple (on the surface):

  1. Determine their needs.
  2. Provide an experience that might (metaphorically or directly) recreate that need.
  3. Give them an opportunity to succeed with that experience.
  4. Reflect back on the experience.  "What happened?"
  5. Generalize behaviours from that reflection.  "So what does that say about us in other experiences?"
  6. Turn generalizations into action plans.  "Now what can we do differently in the future?"
  7. The last step is critical:  follow up and reinforcement down the road.

The training is often a lot of fun and excitement, as this enhances the learning experience, participation, and engagement.  Our photo gallery illustrates some of the experiences, which are often real challenges.

If you want more details about experiential education, check out a very comprehensive introductory resource.

Andrew, thank you for your excellent leadership...for our staff retreat on September 23rd, 2005.  The day has been [the] highlight of our school year thus far and I attribute much of the success of the retreat to your expertise.  ...It was exciting to see staff make connections between their students, their practices and some of the goals that they had just considered as a department.  It is these types of reflective activities that will assist us all in education towards moving forward and providing success for all students. - G. Montgomery, Principal, Centre Hastings Secondary School


What does intallact (formerly Intellact) do?

Perhaps we should start with what we don't do.  We don't perform ongoing sales activity, (although we sometimes do sales support for our affiliates).  Our business is entirely through referrals and other training providers who require our expertise.  Although we can respond to some client needs directly, we typically work through other consulting groups, who are some of Canada's top experiential training organizations.

That expertise, supported by frequent ongoing professional development, extends to the following areas:

bullet Corporate experiential training needs analysis
bullet Unique custom experiential program design
bullet Business model creation and adaptation
bullet High energy presentations
bullet Mature, professional facilitation services and experiential program delivery
bullet Theatrical improvisation for business applications
bullet High Ropes Challenge Course facilitation (including off-course challenges)
bullet Adventure outdoor programs for youth

Andrew very capably facilitated deep change within [our] work group at the relationship and operating levels.  Staff satisfaction has improved significantly.  The workgroup learned new skills and ways of relating, and created a day-to-day operating framework that is helping them achieve their goals. - K. McCarthy, Manager, HR Policy & Programs, Town of Markham

For more information on our experiential training services, please contact us.


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